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Welcome to bully_bl, maintained by aphephobia and bombaygin! This community is intended for the discussion and sharing of slash, yaoi, shounen-ai, BL, whatever you'd like to call it. For the uninitiated, all that means male/male pairings. And that means boys kissing, and beyond. If you've stumbled across this place in your search for general Bully talk without all the gay, then please head over to bullworth_acad or bully_the_game instead.

There is also an anonymous Bully Kink Meme for those of you wanting to contribute under the veil of anonymity.

The rules!

1. All posts must contain some sort of slash (male/male) content, even if it isn't much. There's no ban on non-slash content (e.g. feel free to post normal Bully art as long as you also have something slash-related to present). It is welcome in fics if it is not the main focus, but all other other pieces of fanfiction and fanart will be removed if posted as otherwise.

2. All fanfics and fanart MUST be linked or posted behind a cut. A cut is when you put [lj-cut] or [lj-cut text="optional text here"] and [/lj-cut] around your text, replacing the brackets with carats. Please use this liberally, as it saves a particularly long post from demolishing the members' friends pages.

3. No flaming or trolling. Any post that is obviously meant to be inflammatory will be deleted. And if you support a pairing, don't hate on other people's, either! Harassment will not be tolerated and the moment you flame someone, you are object to being banned from this community.

4. Criticism needs to be constructive. Thinking that someone's fanfic or fanart is bad is perfectly okay, but just going "it sucks" won't help, and will be offensive to boot. Politely explaining why it's bad and what the person can do to fix it is much more effective.

5. All mature fanfiction and fanart must be LOCKED for members only. If your work is intended for those ages 18 and up, then you need to label your post as such. Using terms such as "NSFW", "NC-17", "Explicit Content" are deeply encouraged.

And of course, have fun!