[bully] The Bird and the Worm.

The Bird and the Worm | Gary/Petey | pg-13 |
Gary always loved teasing Petey, but once in a while he needed to feel more than his fist in his shirt. He needed skin on skin.

a/n: sobsob i shipped this pairing for a long time and finally decided to post one of my one-shots.i hope to be posting more of this pairing soon! hopefully over christmas~ i felt there was a lacking in this pairing so i added to it \o/ enjoy!

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Friends? Psh. More like personal 'asses'...

Hahaha. I don't know if I'm doing this right. What shall I do? Please, do tell me... I read in the community's page that I can post stuff here that do not actually focus on the slash pairing. Believe me, there is slash... but you need to... uhhh... read between the lines to see it. Haha

Anyways, it's mainly about Petey getting a bit of 'help'  from his oh-so-good-friends... For what? That's what the story is for. :)

Pairing: Petey/No name, a hint of Jimmy/Gary

Title: If you knew, you won't read this...

Rating: T (Some curses here and there... I never write without it) No actual humping-each-other-on-the-floor, only 'average day' stuff.



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It's... over?

This... this is the end... The last of the words.

I didn't expect it to be quiet so melancholy. I mean, I got it all out of my system, but it's my baby and it was all I had for the last few weeks.

Oh and warnings for implied cutting/blood etc. and then real warnings for gay sexes and also rimming because well heck might as well get that in on the filth-party.

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Epilogue Part 1

I'm a sucker for epilogues because I feel like I want a proper conclusion for everything. It's not just enough for something to be over, I want to know it's been resolved in the long term. This is why I found it REALLY hard to end this and it ended up expanding into a two-parter.

Anyway LOTS OF WARNINGS ON THIS ONE BECAUSE WE HAVE more cutting, and more bloodplay, and razors and consensual sexual cutting, and implied self-harm because well my brain decided Gary is the perfect vehicle for all these fetishes I haven't had a chance to play with yet. Oh and the obvious gay sex.

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Well I reread the entirety of this today for no real reason.

Annoyed that I managed to lose a slightly-altered version of one chapter (the Happy Volts one) so that's getting slightly tweaked but otherwise I can live without the changes.

Here, have some more things. Soon as I manage to grind the end of this motherfucker out I am going to be so pleased and move onto some other ideas I've had. Oh and if for some reason you read this and AREN'T already playing in the new tumblr Bully RP GO AND JOIN IT RIGHT FREAKING NOW. We don't even have a Jimmy yet! It's ridiculous.

I want a Kirby (for my Trent :P) a Gord would be fucking hilarious and the girls are underrepresented too. Kirsty and Pinky and Beatrice are still going. Oh god now I want to be Gord AND Pinky. They would be like this fashionista double-team of bitchiness and condescension.

What was I doing? Oh, fanfiction...

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